Carbo Ceramics: The Future Of Proppant Still Looks Good



  • The Proppant Industry has sales in the billions and bigger years are on the way.
  • Carbo Ceramics has a software division, consulting divisions, and the proppant division. It's the total package for its part of the industry and far more than a proppant company.
  • The three broad categories of proppant are sand, resin coated sand, and ceramic proppant. Within each of these categories are many subdivisions by specialty.
  • Carbo Ceramics stock price is at roughly 20% of its high a little more than a year ago, and the company has no long term debt.
  • While Carbo Ceramics is a relatively small player in the industry, it has developed several highly profitable divisions that fill needed services and can lead the company to greater profitability.

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